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Made in USA by Larsen Manufacturing Co.

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Sign Rotator

Semco sign and display rotators add motion and rotating power to your signs and displays. All of our display rotators are built for commercial use and include welded steel frames, steel bearings, and quality components. Manufactured by Larsen Mfg.

For over 50 years Semco has been, and is known as the top name in sign rotation. Semco machines have been used on tens of thousands of projects over the years turning both outdoor and indoor signs and displays. We build sign rotating units for projects of all types and sizes including: motorized turntables, revolving store fixture, motorized trade show displays, automobile and motorcycle displays, revolving stages, lighted signs of all sizes, hanging displays, slot machine toppers, window displays, pop displays, art exhibits, PLC's, DMX control etc. If you can imagine it, we can probably turn it; you are only limited by your imagination. Semco Revolving Units - over 50 years of quality products, quality service, and satisfied customers, world wide.

Let us help you with your display projects. We are happy to offer ideas and solutions for rotating and animated projects.

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