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Semco Video Display Rotators

Make Your Own Rotating LCD Displays

  • Video/stereo input from computers and DVD players
  • Rotate one, two, or more LCD flat screens, plasma, or standard video monitors
  • 24 and 36 wire gold connectors available for special applications where multiple video sources are required.
  • Input/Output VGA, RGB, S-Video, cable
  • Modular video system allows you to change from one video source to another.
  • K1VGA video kit included with rotator. This kit includes 14 ft video/audio cables, Y-splitter for video out to two monitors, and cat5 adapters.


Shown with optional pipe collar that fits inside sign pole

12-Wire Gold Video/Stereo Rotators

Semco Video Rotators allow you to create and rotate high tech displays with ease. Our video rotators are used by the top sign and display makers worldwide. We use the same high quality gold slip ring assemblies that the US military uses when they need high quality rotating signals for video or data.

Most of our standard non-video rotator models can be adapted to rotate video.

The rotators can be mounted as shown with the display on top of the turntable or by inverting the rotator and mounting inside the display. Simply input to one side of the rotator and output from the other. We can supply as many electrical (bronze) rings as you require to supply rotating power to your display.

We also offer 8-conductor mercury collectors as an option to gold for video only.

Our system is completely modular. Video and audio are carried through Cat5 cords. Input/output is usually VGA but can also work with S-video, cable, and component video. No wiring required to connect your video and audio components, just plug and play.


  • 12 or 24 wires, 2 amps per wire
  • High quality video and audio signals
  • All position - can be stored or mounted in any direction
  • Compact - shorter in height than mercury
  • Cat5 connectors - adapters - prewired
  • Not fragile like the mercury conductor body
  • Lower cost than mercury
  • Modular accessories to adapt to different video input
  • Compatible with most rotator models combined with our standard collector/brush assemblies


  • 8 wire (6@30 amps, 2 @4amps)
  • High quality signal transfer (virtually no signal noise)
  • Terminal clip attachments
  • Compatible with most rotator models combined with our standard collector/brush assemlbies



We manufacture all rotators in house; we can custom designed rotators and OEM models at your request.

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