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Sign Rotator


Add Motion to your Display

Semco sign and display rotators bring your projects to life.

  • A moving sign or display naturally captures viewer's attention. Our rotators make it easy for you to add motion and rotating power.
  • Many sizes and options to choose from
  • Indoor and outdoor models available for large and small projects
  • Fixed, variable speed, and even without motors
  • Rotating power, video, and audio are available in different combinations
  • Customization available including DMX, PLC, or mechanical relays and switches
  • In house machining and manufacturing
  • We work with customers from all over the country and many other countries too
  • Our customers include commercial, industrial, and residential companies and individual hobbyists
  • Some projects include: Trade shows, ceiling turners, chandelier rotators, store displays, outdoor revolving signs of all sizes, POP displays, concert lighting, casino signs, turntables, hanging displays, wheel rotators, windmill displays, wall displays, revolving stages, lighted signs, Christmas trees, motorcycle and ATV turntables, yard art, revolving mannequinns, large suspended video screens, wheel rotators, the list goes on and on,
  • Never used rotators? No problem we are happy to help you.

Why Choose Semco?

  • We know your customers can be unpredictable and so we are flexible
  • We enjoy working with creative people and helping them
  • Many years of experience on thousands of projects
  • Available after the sell to help you
  • We are happy to talk to you, your field techs and your customers when they have questions or need help on site
  • We may have solutions with design or ideas that will save you time and money
  • Not sure what you need? We are happy to walk you through the process of selecting the right size and type of rotator.

Rotator Design and Construction

  • Clean and simple design
  • Low maintenance - few moving parts
  • Affordable price
  • Customized work - not afraid to alter our design to help meet your need
  • Heavy duty welded steel frames
  • High strength steel shafts machined precisely to size.
  • Two steel flange bearings are used on most models for both thrust and radial loading.
  • Slip ring assemblies are machined in house for precise fit and clean design.
  • The rotator frames can be welded or drilled at the project site if last minute changes come up.
  • We offer a large selection of models based on wind loads, size, weight, speed, torque, and installation requirements that you may have.
  • Many of our customers also have machining and welding needs to go along with their rotation project or they are in search of a machining/welding company. We offer CNC machining services as well as fabrication of steel, aluminum, and other metal types.



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