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Compact Rotator Accessories

Accessories for "T" and "F" Model Rotators

Companion Plates
Split plate roller assembly
Sign Rotator Covers
Companion Matching Plates: Weld your post to the matching plate, bolt matching plate to rotator hub
Split Plates: Used to support bottom of the sign when mounting rotator in middle or top of sign
Louver Covers: Weather protection For outdoor rotators


Accessories for use with Fig. 3 and 6 installations are necessary so that the bearing (which is external to the unit and the opposite end of the sign) can be accurately aligned with the bearing of the unit. Priced for accessories will be furnished upon request. When units are used in Fig. 3 and 6 installations, our unit guarantee will be valid only if the proper accessories are used.


Part Description Cost Ea.
Standard Plate up to 5" Pipe $70.00
Gusseted Plate up to 4" Pipe $80.00
Plate w/Studs up to 8" Pipe (8" Gusseted Companion Plate) $85.00
Plate w/Studs 10" and 12" Pipe $145.00


Split Plate Roller Assembly
4" Pipe $142.00
5" Pipe $150.00
6" Pipe $175.00
8" Pipe $195.50


Heavy Duty Split Plate Assembly
8" Pipe $250.00
10" Pipe $300.00
12" Pipe $335.00
14" Pipe $380.00
16" Pipe $445.00
18" Pipe $510.00


Louver Cover Plates (per set) $69.00

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