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Rotating Fixture for Revolving Chandeliers


The T100-3CH is built for rotating chandeliers. The model shown includes (3) 15A wires that connect to your chandelier wires.

The rotator frame is designed to be either mounted to the ceiling or above the ceiling on ceiling joists. The rotating eye supports up to 300 lbs.

The rotating shaft on this model is designed to extend through the ceiling so all that is seen is the rotating eye. We can make the rotating shaft longer than the standard 3" length if necessary.

This model rotator can be used for trade shows and hanging store displays where the rotators is suspended from chains. Suspension eyebolts thread into the frame to hang from chains.

Standard speed is 2 rpm. Add $45.00 for different speeds. A variable speed model is also available. Please call for information and pricing.

chandelier rotator

ceiling mounting bracket

Installation is simple.

1) Mount rotator frame to ceiling or ceiling joists

2) Attach chandelier hook to the rotator eyebolt

3) Using wire nuts, connect the chaldelier wires to the rotator wires.

4) Plug in rotator and your chandelier will both light and turn.

Chandelier model shown with optional angle iron mounting brackets  


specificationsT100-3CH Chandelier Rotator Dimensions

Chandelier Rotator Specs

If you wish to use a dimmer switch for the lights please specify when ordering. It is necessary to have the motor and lights on a seperate circuit.

To see other model rotators that are similar see Plug and Play and Hangers pages.

See the T63-3 CH for smaller chandeliers