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Semco Collector and Brush Assemblies

Semco collector and brush assemblies can be used to power projects of your own. We make many different size collectors and brushes from 10A to 200A. The collector is mounted to a revolving shaft and the brushes contact the rings to provide a rotating circuit. Simple design and easy access to the brushes allow you to quickly and easily make your electrical connections. Internal wires rotate with the shaft to send power to the display.

Brush Construction: Spring loaded copper brushes housed in brass tube. Fiberglass inulator body with brass screws, washers, and nuts. Collector Assembly Construction: Bronze rings, phenolic insulator body, 18 to 6 AWG THHN braided copper wire soldered to rings. Typical collector / brush assembly constists of 1/2" rings/brushes, 12 GA wire, 20A capacity per ring/brush.

slip rings collector and brushes  

Add Semco collector assemblies to your project . Common uses include:

  • Turntables
  • Windmills
  • TV stands
  • Video and sound stages
  • Revolving signs and displays
video turntables  
  Rotate power and video with gold or mercury slip ring assemblies housed inside our collector/brush assemblies for the highest quality signal transfer.