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Compact Rotators

Any of the above models can be modified and customized for your project.

revolving store fixtures
Semco Model
Wgt Capacity

Sign Turner


100 lbs

48 kg

Under 5" tall, the T63 uses a strong and quiet gearmotor that is ideal for small to midsize displays weighing up to 100 lbs. The T63 includes features for use in hanging applications and works well with our without the optional collector/brush assembly. See pre-wired version of this rotator for simple plug and play use for use in trade shows, store displays, etc.T63HR

This rotator is ideal when you need a desktop display motor. It is small but very heavy duty.


Display Rotator


300 lbs

136 kg

The T100-5A is capable of rotating displays weighing up to 300 lbs and was designed for displays where space is the primary limitation. The T100-5A rotator has the same rating as the T100-5C and has a lower profile but the trade off is a smaller gearmotor that produces less torque.

Semco Sign Rotators


300 lbs

136 kg

The T100-5C is the standard in compact rotators. This model rotator uses large 1" bearings, welded and machined steel shaft. We have several variations of this rotating display motor including variable speed and double output. These rotators are a favorite in the casino industry where high strength, dependability, and high amperage capacity are required. The 5C can be used without a collector and brush assembly or with up to (14) 20Amp rings where multiple electrical circuits are required. For a complete plug and play rotator for exhibits, store displays, or hanging displays and signs see the T100-HR units.

T100-5C Double Output

300 lbs

136 kg

The double output rotator main shaft attaches to a sign pole and remains stationary while the frame of the rotator turns with the display. This rotator can be attached to another rotator so one sign can rotate in the opposite direction of the one below it. It is possible to stack rotators by passing electricity through the collector assemblies.

T100-5C Variable Speed

300 lbs

136 kg

Rated for 300 lbs, the T100-5C VS (Variable Speed) rotator uses a DC gearmotor and a separate speed control for displays that need variable speed. The rotator has standard 115V input. The DC motors are quiet like their AC counterparts and can be reversed at the speed control box or with external switching.

heavy duty turntable


600 lbs

272 kg

High strength, high capacity rotator with a 600 lb load rating. The T125-5X has a high torque motor for large, heavy displays. This rotator can be mounted in any position to rotate your displays and turntables.


Semco compact sign rotators use gearmotors and heavy steel bearings to provide high turning power in a compact frame size. These rotators are ideal for store fixtures and displays of all types.

Most of our rotators can be used with or without the collector and brush assembly. The collector and brush assembly is used to transfer power to the revolving display. There are different models for various types of projects. See the listing below to see what type of rotator best suits your project.

Load rating: The stated load rating is for balanced loads. Off center loads or tall displays may cause side loading that requires a rotating unit with a higher load rating to withstand bending loads at the main shaft, frame, and rotating hub plate (turntable). Side loading, off center loads, or vertical rotation may also require additional torque from the motor; if in doubt, please call us for help indetermining the best rotator for your project.

We do not recommend adding support rollers or additional bearings to the display because of the added friction. We recommend using the rotator to support the entire weight of the sign or display.



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