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semco indoor display rotators


Semco Indoor rotators are used for all sizes and types of signs and displays. We separate the indoor rotators into two categories, compact and standard rotators. The compact rotators are used for indoor displays weighing up to 300 lbs. Larger displays use the standard series T and F model rotators. These rotators are larger and use a separate motor and gear reduction system compared to the gearmotors used in compact rotators.

Indoor revolving units are used extensively in the casino gaming industry to turn large and small signs. Many of these high tech signs include hundreds of lights, scrolling messages, and even video signals that are energized through our collector and brush assembly. You can specify how many collector rings you need to power your display. We are happy to consult with you on your projects to ensure you get the best rotator for your project. We perform all machining, welding, and fabrication in house to offer you fast lead times and affordable pricing. Indoor rotators turn at approximately 2 RPM unless you require different speed.