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Semco Display Rotators with Mercury Collectors

  • Professional's choice for rotating plasma, LCD, and HD video displays
  • Mercury conductors provide almost interference free video signal transfer
  • Combine standard bronze rings for electricity and mercury for video
  • Mercury available in 2,3,4,6 and 8 conductors
  • Most Semco rotator models can be equipped with rotating mercury connectors


spinning video
Compact rotator with 3-bronze rings, 8 mercury rings

Mercury is what the professionals use for the best signal quality when rotating displays with plasma , LCDor HD TV signals. Mercury collectors allow you to transfer the video signal from stationary source to your revolving display with the lowest amount of interference. Because of the liquid state of mercury, there is no wear so you get the "cleanest" signal possible.

Rings and brushes work well for transferring electricity but the friction caused by the brushes rubbing against the rings causes interference that shows up as static on the video screen. Because of the high quality of video monitors and screens, even small amounts of interference will be visible.

To provide the most economical solution we combine the best of both collectors; Standard rings and brushes carry the electric signals and the mercury collector carries the video or data signals. We machine the standard collector to hold the mercury collector and keep the overall height to a minimum.

Mercury collectors come in 2,3,4,6, or 8 ring conductors and can be combined with our bronze ring collector assemblies for an economical solution to carry both electric and data or video signals to your display. Common combinations include a 3-ring bronze collector with a 6 or 8-ring mercury collector.

Call for price and availability on mercury products.