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Outdoor sign rotators mounted at the bottom of the sign must be engineered to handle the bending caused by wind. T model shown on right, F models shown in center and on right  
Outdoor sign rotators mounted at the top of the sign do not receive bending loads. However the more drive torque is required for larger signs. Split plate required at base of sign
sign revolving unit rotator Sign Rotator revolving sign

T Model

F Model Rotator shown with Frame

F Model Rotator


F Model sign rotators install inside or on top of signs. T model sign rotators mount under signs. We make the two different styles of rotators to prevent a the problem of oil leaking from the gear reducer. Upside down gear reducers are prone to leak oil that gets inside the sign and causes the reducer to fail. Semco rotators have a reputation of reliablilty, low maintenance, and long life.

Variable speed motors and speed controls are available for outdoor sign rotators!

More information - click on the picture above for your type of installation or the links below.

Semco outdoor sign rotators are designed and built to work non-stop for years in even the most extreme weather conditions. Inside our all-steel frames we house the finest motors, bearings, and gear-reducers on the market. Combined with our machined shafts, welded mounting plates and the finest collector/brush assembly in the industry, Semco Rotators will provide you years of reliable, low maintenance service. 

The size and type of outdoor rotator you require is based on the total area and the weight of the sign, and where you plan on installing the rotator. The two most common types of Semco Rotators include the "T" Series and the "F" Series. "T" Series rotators mount below the sign or display and "F" Series rotators mount inside or on top of display. (See illustrations below)
Note: There are many important factors to consider when using rotators in outdoor conditions. High wind areas, sign elevation, and sign shape are factors you must consider to ensure you are using the right size rotator. Please visit our help page for more information or call to confirm rotator size.

Also: Standard speed for outdoor rotators is typically faster than for indoor rotators. Outdoor rotators normally ship with a 3 to 4 rpm speed. Other speeds are available so please specify your rotation speed if different than 3 to 4 rpm.