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We maching and weld parts for many other companies besides our own.

Spinning Wheel Displays

Designed just for the tire and wheel industry.

Collectors and Brushes Slip Ring Assemblies

Not just for rotators, add a collector and brush assembly anytime you need a rotating electrical outlet.


Display motors
Although Semco rotating units come in many different sizes and with many accessories, finding the right rotator for your project is easy. Please call if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you with just the right rotator.


Semco Indoor rotators include Compact and Standard sized rotators that vary in size and design according to the weight capacity of your sign or display. Our Outdoor rotators are engineered meet the most demanding weather conditions and come in standard sizes and extra large, "Dash Series" sizes. Ideal for all sizes of rotating signs.

The type of sign rotator you choose will depend on the size and weight of your display, whether it will be used inside or outside, and where on the display you need to mount the rotator. Our Compact Series rotators are designed for indoor use for displays up to 300 Lbs. while our "T" and "F" Series rotators are designed for heavier displays in both indoor and outdoor versions. Our outdoor model rotators are built differently than our indoor models to meet the demands of weather conditions, so please specify indoor or outdoor models when ordering.

For smaller indoor displays and signs weighing less than 300 Lbs. our Compact Rotators are the finest in the industry. These rotators use a gear motor and chain drive and can be mounted in just about any position including upside down. When ordering please specify if rotator will be for a hanging display, if so we will add a snap ring to the shaft to help support the load.

Our "T"&"F" Series rotators  are designed for larger signs, indoors or out, weighing up to 12,000 lbs. The "T" Series Rotators are designed to mount below the sign. Our "F" Series Rotators are designed to be mounted inside or above the sign. These Rotators come in a variety of sizes and mounting configurations to best fit your application.
Note: The specifications provided on this page and others include our standard off the shelf rotators; for special applications where the sign or display is larger than charts specify or heavier than 12,000 lbs. we offer our custom rotators. Call us for information and pricing.