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"T" & "F" Series Indoor Sign Rotators

For signs and displays weighing over 300 lbs ( 272 kg) we offer our standard T and F Series rotators. These are belt driven, heavy-duty sign and display rotators. Semco rotators have been in service for over 50 years and continue to be the best, most reliable rotators in the industry today.


display rotator
1000 lb turntable
appliance turntable
T125 Fig 5, 600 lbs
TL 1000 lb Capacity
TG-243, 2000 lbs
electric turntable motor
F125 600 lb capacity
FL 1000 lb
FG243 2,000 lb


T-Model rotators also known as floor mount rotators mount under the display. The top plate turns while the frame is stationary. The F-Model rotator mounts inside signs and displays. The bottom plate and main shaft are stationary; the rotating display or sign is attached to the frame of the rotator.


T Model Type
Max Wgt
F Model Type
Max Wgt
T125 Fig 5 600 F125 600
TL 1000 FL 1000
TG-200 1,500 FG-200 1,500
TG-243 2,000 FG-243 2,000
TG-293 2,500 FG-293 2,500
TG-343 3,000 FG-343 3,000


Note: The specifications provided on this page and others include our standard off the shelf rotators; for special applications where the sign or display is larger than charts specify or heavier than 12,000 lbs. we offer our custom rotators. Call factory for information and pricing.