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T100-5C VS (Variable Speed) Rotator

Standard Features:

  • 300 lb turning capacity
  • 115V input, DC gearmotor
  • 20A Brush Capacity
  • Variable Speed Control
  • CW or CCW rotation


  • Machining for hanging applications
  • Power cord for collector assembly
  • 0 to 7 collector rings/brushes
  • Steel Louver covers
  • Companion mounting plates
  • Custom machining
  • Eyebolts, switches, timers

variable speed motor

Variable speed rotator shown with accessories including separate AC cord for rotating outlet, louver covers, and direction switch on frame of rotator.


The T100-5C VS variable speed rotator is ideal for trade shows and displays where you want to change speed. Speed control is extremely valuable when you are planning on using the rotator for different displays. You can dial in the speed for the best look.

Everything is included to simply plug in the AC power cord of speed control into a regular wall outlet and connect the DC plug between control and rotator and you are ready to rotate.

One or more separate power supplies can be connected to the collector/brush assembly inside the rotator depending on the number of collector rings you require. The collector assembly will enable you to rotate AC, DC, or even sound and data although for the best quality video and data connections we recommend using gold slip ring assemblies.

The display's power and rotator power are separate so you can control each individually. As pictured above, we can build you a custom rotator wired with switches, cords, and with all the accessories so you can run it right out of the box.

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