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T100-5C Double Output Rotator
















The double output rotator has turntable plates at top and bottom and are connected by a center shaft. This creates an axle that the rotator frame pivots around. The turntable plates remain stationary allowing any signs attached to the pole to remain stationary and signs attached to the rotator frame to rotate. This rotator is commonly used when you need to rotate the bottom sign and keep the top stationary. Wires to power the upper sign pass through the rotator shaft..

Double output rotator can also be stacked on top of other rotators to rotate at a different speed or direction than other rotators for a multi-rotational display.
See illustrations page for ideas on how rotators can be used.

  • Standard rotation direction - Clockwise (direction is reversible at motor)
  • Standard rotation speed - 2 RPM, Maximum recommended RPM is , Variabe speed optional
  • Motor direction can be reversed at the motor.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
  • 115 V 60 Cycle standard motor capacity
  • Collector ring capacity - 20 Amps per ring
  • At minimum a 2-ring collector assembly is required to power motor.
  • This rotator may be used in hanging applications - top hub plate is bolted to main shaft.

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