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T125 Figure 5 (Floor Mount Sign Rotator)

Standard Features:

  • Professional's choice for strength and reliability
  • Separate motor and gear reducer
  • High torque belt drive (provides constant grip & safety slip)
  • 2 Rpm standard , 1.5 to 6 RPM available
  • Variable speed models available
  • Steel frame, welded steel hub plate, machined steel parts
  • 2-Year Warranty on parts


  • Many kinds of Accessories
  • 2 to 7 collector rings/brushes
  • Switches, timers, custom machining
Floor mount rotator

600 Lb Capacity

The T125 Fig. 5 is a floor mounted rotator. This rotator uses a separate motor and gear reducer to provide high torque for larger displays. This rotator is used extensively in the gaming industry when signs are mounted on poles above slot machines. The higher torque and large frame size provide a solid support for top heavy signs and displays. Often used on rotating video displays where rotator is located within a bank of slot machines. The sign pole and TV displays rotate with the turntable plate.

The possibilities are endless, but just a few projects using this model rotator include motorized Christmas displays, lighted carousels, appliance turnables, large indoor casino signs, etc.

This rotator is rated for 600 lbs and can be equipped with 0 to 7 collector rings with the same frame size; more rings can be added or combined with mercury conductors but this may increase the frame height, call for specifications. The steel frame can be welded or drilled when installing or for re-use on different projects.

Be sure to consider top heavy loads when choosing a rotator. Side loading caused by gravity will increase with the height and size of the sign. Adding rollers or bearings to help support side loading may cause binding that will cause the rotator to stall. It is best to use a rotator with a weight capacity that includes the side loading force or to use a floating bearing to support the sign pole to keep it balanced. Please call for help if you have questions.

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Steel Frame can be drilled or welded for use (or re-use) in many different types of displays.

  • Shipping Wgt. 100 lbs
  • 115VAC 60 Hz motor
  • 1/15 HP motor, reversible
  • Full load amps: 3.3
  • Collector ring capacity 15A per ring/brush