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T125-5X VS Variable Speed Rotator

  • Heavy steel frame supports large and small displays
  • Built for continuous, non-stop use
  • Quiet motor with 0 to 5 rpm speed range
  • Mount as pictured, on its side or upside down
  • *Supports up to 600 lbs - Even hanging
  • Many options/accessories available
  • Can be ordered with or without rotating outlet
  • Prices start at $790 with no collector, $885 with 3-ring collector for rotating power
  • Internal speed control models also available including a speed dial on the rotator frame.

* Special machining required for hanging applications. Please specify when ordering.

adjustable speed turntable
600 Lb capacity variable speed rotator (shown with optional louver covers)

Ideal for use for product photography and video and for rental turntables. Simply dial in the speed that looks best for your displays.

The external speed control unit allows you to control the display speed from 10 feet away with a plug in extension cord between the speed control and the rotator. This rotator uses 115VAC input standard or 220V upon request.

Options for the T125-5X VS include:

  • Collector/brush assemblies from 2 to 14 rings, 15A or 20A per ring
  • 12 or 24 wire gold conductor or up to 8 conductor mercury slip ring assemblies matched with our bronze ring collector assemblies for power, video, sound, and data signals.
  • Louver covers, eyebolts, switches, relays, matching plates, or complete plug and play cat5 or VGA cords, fittings and adapters.
  • 230V, 50/60 Hz motor.
  • External speed control (as pictured) or internal control with speed dial on rotator frame.

Frame dimensions: Note:Frame height shown is for up to 5 collector rings, add 3/4" to frame height for each additional collector ring.

speed control unit specs