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600 lb Capacity T125-5X

  • Heavy steel frame supports large and small displays
  • Built for continuous, non-stop use
  • High torque motor
  • Mount as pictured, on its side or upside down
  • *Supports up to 600 lbs - Even hanging
  • Fixed speed, variable speed, or double output options available
  • Used extensively in casinos for large displays revolving 24 hours a day with extensive lighting output

New: T125-5X VS Variable Speed

* Special machining required for hanging applications. Please specify when ordering.

Semco Display Rotator

Simply attach your table top, sign, or display to the top rotating plate and connect your lighting to the collector wires coming out of the top if the rotating hub plate. Attach power connections to the brush assembly and motor and you are ready to rotate. You can also reverse the mounting by turning the rotator upside down. Holding the hub stationary will make the frame rotate. This method is often used when the rotator is mounted inside the sign that is mounted on a sign pole. A collector assembly is required to power the motor.

This rotator works well for turntables, hanging displays, slot machine toppers, pin-wheel displays, revolving signs, appliances... the list goes on and on. We offer pre-wired, trade show ready rotators when you simply want a plug and play rotator. You can be up and running in just a few minutes. Let us know your requirements and we will build if for you.

Options for the T125-5X include:

  • Collector/brush assemblies from 2 to 14 rings
  • Mercury collectors with 2 to 8 conductors, used for data, sound, and especially high quality video. Mercury transfers the signal with almost no interference
  • Louver covers, eyebolts, switches
  • 230V, 50Hz motor for use in countries where 115V 60hz is not available.

Recent additions to the T125-5X rotator include variable speed models with internal or external speed control and mercury contactors for use on plasma TV displays.

Trade show rotator
Mercury conductor sign rotator
Trade show hanger variable speed rotator
Video Rotators with 3-ring bronze collector Plasma TV rotator

Compact Rotator Accessories


Power input 115V 60 HZ  
Motor Draw .5 Amps  
Rotation Speed 2 rpm standard, 1 to 6 rpm optional  
Weight Capacity 600 lbs  
Shipping Wgt 32 lbs  
Rotation direction CW  
Collectors: 0 to 7 rings, 20A per ring  
Semco Motion drawing 5x