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T63-3 CH Chandelier Rotator

revolving chandelier lighting

What better way to show of your work of art than with our rotating light fixture. A slowly turning chandelier will catch the attention of visitors allowing them to admire the detail that only a 360 degree view can give.

The T63-3CH has a load capacity of 100 lbs and is ideal for most chandeliers. The shaft size can be manufactured to accommodate your project so you have the ability to mount the rotator on the ceiling, above the ceiling, or from chains using optional eyebolts.

Options for this rotator include power cords or pigtails for hard wiring the rotator. Extended shaft, variable speed motors, special machining on rotator, custom built fixtures, indexing and timing mechanisms, and more. Call if you have a special project.

Standard features include heavy duty steel frame and steel bearings. High strength machined steel shaft. Independent control of motor and lighting allows you to use a dimmer switch for the chandelier. The motor is very quiet and dependable; it works equally well in showrooms, museams, or private residences.


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