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TL Figure 5 Rotator

large indoor turntable
  • Welded Steel Frame
  • Belt Drive System
  • Separate Motor/Gear Reducer
  • Machined Surfaces
  • Strong, Reliable Bearings
  • Bronze/Brass Brushes w/1" wear (20 amp)
  • Rack and Pinion Belt Adjustment
  • High Strength Steel Machined Shaft
  • 2 RPM Standard Rotation Speed
  • Reversible Motor Direction

1,000 lb Turning Capacity

The TL Fig. 5 sign rotator is designed for signs and displays weighing up to 1,000 lbs. Designed to operate beneath display, hanging in display, or with vertical mounting for "pin wheel" type action displays.
The TL Fig. 5 develops 350 in lb of torque for reliable, long-lasting operation even with off balance or eccentric loads. The main drive shaft has a bending moment of 1,550 ft. lbs and is constructed of machined high-strength steel.
The serviceability of Figure 5 rotators is unsurpassed. The motor and gear reducer have rack and pinion adjustment on machined mounting plates and machined slides allowing adjustment of belt tension or replacement of belts in a matter of minutes. There are no bolts to loosen and re-tighten. The motor and reducer can be removed or replaced without having to remove pulleys or mounting bolts, again in a matter of minutes.
The Semco Belt drive system offers a high torque drive without using a mechanical clutch. Our belts provide a constant grip on the main shaft and don't have the backlash of geared clutches or transmissions that lead to mechanical problems. Our high speed belt provides slip action to let motor belt safely slip if obstructed. Semco belt drive rotators will typically provide years, even decades of reliable, low maintenance service.



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