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Variable Speed ZT193 Motorcycle Rotator

  • Variable speed control box
  • 10 ft extension for speed control
  • Optional direction control switch
  • Optional collector assembly for rotating outlet/cord
  • Great for use as industrial turntables
  • Same heavy duty frame and components as ZT193 fixed speed rotator

Heavy duty welded steel frame



motorcycle turntable
Mouse over image to see ZT193-3 VS with rotating outlet

Dial in the speed you want for just the right look. Different size motorcycles or displays look better at different speeds. The external speed control gives you control from 0 to 5 rpm. You can change speed as the display turns. Variable speed is especially useful when you are not sure what speed will look best for your display.

Not just for motorcycles, the ZT193 has been used on many different kinds of projects including double rotation where rotators are stacked vertically. Projects include Christmas displays, revolving appliances, large photographic turntables, TV, stage and theater props, people turntables, fully powered revolving piano/sound systems, museum turntables, giant sculptures, welding positioners and other industrial use tables, the list goes on an on.

The ZT193 VS (variable speed) comes complete and pre wired with a separate speed control box. Simply plug in the AC power cord, connect the plug between the speed control and the rotator and you are ready to go. Like our fixed speed model, we can add a 3-ring collector/brush assembly to give you a rotating outlet for lighting that will rotate with your display.

The ZT193 VS has the same dimensions as the fixed speed model and will support loads up to 1,000 lbs. We can customize this rotator for your special projects including increased speeds, special drilling, welding, switches, timers, relays, etc. Please call if you are working on a project that may be able to use our rotators, we are happy to offer ideas and see if we can help you.

This model is the ideal choice for showrooms, rental companies, and for projects that are continuously changing in size or shape and need to be sped up or slowed down for the best visual effect.

ZT193 models can be modified for suspended dispays

Steel matching plate with rubber top and welded studs.

The matching plate fits on rotating top plate and supports motorcycle frames up to 11 1/2" wide. Rubber top protects the frame. Slots milled in plate allow you to strap or fasten the frame of the bike to the rotator.

Drawing Specifications

Semco Motion products


Standard features include
2-year guarantee on parts
Low Profile Steel Frame
High torque, belt-drive power train
Heavy duty steel bearings (not plastic or nylon)

Optional Equipment:
3-ring collector/brush assembly for 1 or 2, 15-Amp circuits
Steel mounting plate with rubber top - supports frame of motorcycle
Extra long cord from speed control to rotator
Companion matching plate - welds to display table and bolts to top of rotator
Custom fixtures or machining for supporting frame of motorcycle

Rotator Specifications:

  • Rotation speed 0-5 rpm, clockwise (direction reversible) direction switch available at extra cost
  • 1/4HP DC motor with speed control box, 115V 60Hz input, DC output to motor. 3.3A draw
  • Belt drive - rotator is designed to easily stall/slip when obstructed
  • Display capacity 1,000 lbs.
  • 15A collector/brush capacity, 1 grounded circuit, or 2 ungrounded circuits
  • 150 lb shipping weight, FOB Mtn. Green, UT 84050 USA (Fed Ex ground freight preferred)
  • 10A, 6ft male power cord, 115V 60Hz input for collector assembly / lighting
  • Can be run non-stop for extended periods
  • 2-Year warranty on parts