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Motorcycle Turntable Display ZT-193

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Show Off Your Bike With the 1,000 lb Capacity ZT193

Semco motorcycle turntables are built like your bikes, with precision metal work, powerful drive systems, quality components and a whole lot of steel. This is one motorcycle turntable that can take the abuse of bike shows, from traveling and setting up to loading and unloading bikes of all sizes. This rotator is heavy and stable. It weighs 150 lbs all by itself and the 18" outrigger legs extend the base for a solid platform. You can also fasten the outriggers to the ground or a base to extend the footprint.

We designed the ZT193 for motorcycles but this rotator works equally well for turning displays or large turntables. It has proven its abilities in trade shows and in casinos rotating large displays 24 hours a day while running huge amounts of electricity through the collector/brush assembly to power lights in the displays as they rotate.

The high torque produced by the motor and gear reducer will turn bikes even when the weight is not balanced directly over the center of the rotator (we do recommend balancing the load as much as possible and adding counterweight if necessary). You have the option to set the frame of your chopper to rest on the top plate (or rubber topped companion plate) or you can put a complete table on top of the rotator and stand the bike on its wheels.

The ZT193 is a very versatile and very strong rotating unit; it works equally well for turning snowmobile and ATV displays. The heavy steel frame and rotating plate are ideal not only for large motorcycles and choppers but also for large appliances, pianos, art pieces,*hanging displays, and even for theater turntables for rotating stages with people.

Custom machining and special options are available.

*Note: ZT193 models can be modified for hanging display applications

Companion Plate

Steel matching plate with rubber top and welded studs.

The matching plate fits on rotating top plate and supports motorcycle frames up to 11 1/2" wide. Rubber top protects the frame. Slots cut in plate allow you to strap or fasten the frame of the bike to the rotator.

Standard features include
2-year guarantee on parts
Low profile steel frame
High torque, belt-drive power train
Heavy duty steel bearings (not plastic or nylon)


Optional Equipment:
3-ring collector/brush assembly for 1 or 2, 15-Amp circuits, up to 5 rings possible
Steel mounting plate with rubber top - supports frame of motorcycle
Variable speed motor with remote speed control box
Companion matching plate - welds to display table and bolts to top of rotator
Custom fixtures or machining for supporting frame of motorcycle

Drawing Specifications

Rotator Specifications: